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NEW FEATURE: Version 2.x now allows you to get the newest pinouts as they are added! Each time you launch Pinouts, it will check to see if you have Internet access. If you do, it will compare your version with the latest version available. If it’s newer, you have the option of downloading the latest version now, or later. But access to the internet is not required except for the initial download.

Since 1997, CP3 Inc.’s AlaTec website has been offering this information as a free web-based source for wiring diagrams. It has become one of the premier sites for viewing step-by-step wiring instructions and pinouts for RJ45 connectors on the Internet. On average, well over 300 people A DAY access this information to help them with their network wiring.

Now, this information is available in a handy little app for iPhone and iPod Touch. Now you can have it literally “at your fingertips” anytime you need it with or without access to the Internet!

The current version also includes pinouts for Audio and Computer connectors as well. Over 20 new connectors have been added. We plan to make this THE app for pinouts of all types. So, if you have a suggestion, just click on the support link to the left and let us know.

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NEW VERSION 2.0 Just Released 7/18/11!